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The best snacks
easily delivered

Easy. Tasty. Fun. Snacks. Delivered!

Personal & Custom

We use artificial intelligence to optimize your snack plan & ensure your employees have the best experience.

Save Time
And money.

You'll save time and money by freeing up valuable time in your schedule. Let us take the hassle away!

Free Deliveries
Your schedule.

We'll deliver your customized snack plan to you, around your office hours & whenever you need them.

Tons of Variety
New options.

Our rotating inventory featuring hundreds of snacks ensures your team never gets bored with their snacks.

Delivered anywhere in Canada
& of course, Free Delivery!

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Nibbler Box.

Starting at
$ 119 weekly | bi-weekly | monthly
+ 65 premium snacks

Muncher Box.

Starting at
$ 209 weekly | bi-weekly | monthly
+ 140 premium snacks

Snacks that
Employees love

Morale is huge.Snacks make a huge difference.

Having snacks in the office is great, but they have to be snacks that your employees will love. We guarantee your snacks will be loved & make it easy to let us know if they're not perfect.

Something for everyone.

Healthy, delicious & Canadian.

Snack bars

Get great nutrition packed in a tasty bar. Crunchy, chewy, crumbly... the list goes on and on of snack bar possibilties.

Land & sea.

Jerky treats

A huge variety for jerky lovers. This will keep you lean and fit while fixing your meaty craving.

For lovers of crunchy treats.

Chips & popcorn

Everyone enjoys a bag of their favourite crunch. Whether it's sweet, salty, both, or whatever we have something you'll love

New & exciting.


We work hard to source new and exciting products. If there's something you're craving we'll go out and get it! You can also see our full list of stocked items here.

Exceptional service,
using tech.

A hands off solution to manage your office kitchen.
We use our own in-house software to track requests & monitor consumption of snacks, and make smart decisions on what's best for your office.