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What are the benefits of non monetary perks?

Benefiting employees through non monetary benefits can be a valuable incentive for both an employer and employee. Since it is hard to gauge the real value of the benefits, a perk can be seen as more valuable than any salary increase. This allows an employer to show employees how much they care for them without spending as much cash, also showing they value the wellbeing of employees as well.

A common example is to offer their employers something as simple as food. Providing food can offer a huge variety of benefits for the actual employer as well be greatly valued by the employees. Of course the employees will feel valued and be grateful to enjoy free food and snacks. This also can create a healthier happier office that is more enabled to get their work done. Having snacks and food allows the employees to stay in the office and not worry about leaving the workplace to get food. In turn a more productive company is created and can boost focus on the things that matter.

Health can be a very important factor to any enterprise, as this can enable employees to stay employed at their job. The lifestyle is important to coexist with a company’s demand to make sure their career goals are attainable. Many companies realize this, some even go as far as catering lunches, stocking kitchens full of food, and providing space for activities. This generally leads to employees benefiting from a better work, life balance, which in turn allows them to be productive. In the competitive world of software, many companies such as Google, Facebook, and even Ottawa’s Shopify have seen great success implementing this. It just motivates employees more to feel that they owe it back to the company for treating them so well.

It has been shown that the memory value of an honorary or informal recognition is much longer lasting than cash since it has sentimental value and won’t be spent and forgotten immediately. These rewards also carry a trophy value that makes an employee feel they have earned something that is not regularly given. Thus the employee feels more proud to showcase their accomplishments and brag about their rewards. This lets workers push more to feel that recognition and validation. Having these extra health benefits and perks are a reminder to the employee that they are special which will in turn bring themselves to a higher standard of work.

Providing an office with all these benefits offers to save time, improve health, and productivity. All this is accomplished at a fraction of what it would cost in real dollar value, if the motivation can even be bought.

About the author

Emil Aite is an avid snacker and writer with Desk Nibbles.

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