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5 Snacker Personalities Around the Office

5 Snacker Personalities Around the Office

Snacking has been proven to increase productivity and creativity during a workday. Employees who snack often feel less hangry and can more easily focus on their daily tasks. With so many available options out there, it has become difficult to know which snacking method is the best. To help you out, we compiled a list of the 5 most common snacker personalities found around the office.

1. The Crafty Snacker

This money conscious snacker uses her creativity and planning skills to create elaborate yet fun snacks. An essential part of her grocery shopping habits include buying nuts and granola in bulk. You’ve probably already seen her bring a homemade snack in a Mason jar that she learned how to prepare from Pinterest or a viral Facebook video. Due to the prone-to-leak nature of these creations, it isn’t uncommon to hear the crafty snacker say “oh no, the orange-honey dressing from my Triple Berry Nut Salad leaked in my bag again”. Although you envy her ever changing and never boring work snacks you can’t help but wonder how much time is actually spent planning these masterpieces. You would personally prefer to use the extra time to sleep in.

2. The Impulsive Snacker

Spending more money than necessary on trips to the vending machine, this calorie muncher looks for the quick and easy fix to any hunger signals. When asked why not just pack a few granola bars from home, the impulsive snacker responds that he does not like to think that far ahead and enjoys the freedom of choice that the vending machine has to offer. Being unsure of if he will want a sweet or salty snack, he is resolved to making a game time decision. You smile and nod to his affirmations, but cant help but question his logic since he always ends up getting a bag of chips in the morning and a chocolate bar in the afternoon.

3. The Canned Seafood Snacker

You don’t need to see this snacker in action to know that she’s snacking. The strong smell of canned seafood quickly fills the office and lingers on after its consumption. You’ve noticed that this snacker personality likes to keep a stock of canned oysters, tuna and crackers in her desk drawers. “You never know when you’re going to get hungry” answers this snacker. This strategy requires little planning and is friendly on the wallet, but signalling the whole office with your snacking practices is not necessarily what you are all about.

4. The Healthy Snacker

This serious snacker incorporates as many fruits and vegetables as possible in his snacking habits. Walking into the office munching on a banana or chowing down on a whole broccoli head while reading emails are usual behaviours for the healthy snacker. You can usually spot a gym bag, running shoes or a yoga mat underneath this one’s desk. Although a healthy option, you don’t want to risk finding puree at the bottom of your bag soaking up important work documents. You admire this snacker’s healthy lifestyle, but know that sometimes you need more than just a fruit or vegetable to satisfy a specific craving.

5. The Desk Nibbles Snacker

The smartest and boldest of them all is you, the desk nibbler. You enjoy the spontaneity and array of options offered from the magical box located in your workplace kitchen. With a mix of sweet and salty there is always something that will satisfy your taste buds. There is no need to plan, pack or even think ahead of time for that matter. All you need to do is walk over to the kitchen when you’re in need of a little pick-me-up. You are often seen walking around the office with other fellow desk nibblers with a smile on your face and a healthy snack in your hands. You are motivated, ambitious, daring and fun. You my friend are the best kind of snacker.

A snacking employee is a happy employee!


About the author

Amanda Steski is an avid snacker and writer with Desk Nibbles.

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